Thursday, January 7, 2010

Big Project #1

Yesterday, I took it upon myself to tackle the office. It was supposed to be Mike's space and I was to have no say, his stuff, his space. However, it was a big, giant junk pile. Last spring, I said "Listen babe, that office is totally unusable space. You're not using it, so I will give you until August to clean it up and use it or it's mine!" (I don't usually lay down the law with my husband, but this was something I felt pretty strong about)

It has literally been a death trap! So yesterday I felt inspired and dove right in!

Last night, I felt very accomplished as I turned the light off and headed to bed. Not quite done, but well on it's way.

Last night at closing time ;)

That big black garbage bag was the 3rd load of grabage!

The trade off however is the giant pile of stuff in my living room, waiting to be organized and put in happy containers and boxes back into the office. I am heading to Target after Brooklyn's ballet class to buy organzing supplies.

I still hate the color on the walls ( I would have painted it chocolate brown) and the monstrosity of a desk that Mike built when it was still his office ;) However the aesthetics of it will have to wait for another time. Functionality is my goal. And, the walls in my living room/dining room/ entry/stairs are unpainted except for the random splotches where I have tested colors. That will be my next big project........
I'll post pictures of the finished office once I get everything put back in :)


We have had a naked wall over our fireplace mantle for 3 years, except at Christmas time when I hang a wreath. I just couldn't find the right piece of art to hang there. ( not like I am some sort of art connoisseur, but I like what I like) I could have just given up and hung a big family picture, or something that I didn't LOVE, but I held out. And there it was.....Perfect! I found a piece of art for over my mantle that I love. Now I don't know if it can really be called art, because I bought it at Target, but I LOVE it nonetheless. And every time I walk into the room and see it sitting on the mantle (it isn't hung yet, just resting there) I feel happy and satisfied!

What you may not be able to tell from the picture is that, the tree is just wood grain. I know I'm lame. I am quite certain that any of you who really know anything about art are laughing at me, but I waited 3 years for it!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hey Judah!

There are so many moments in my kids lives that I wish I could videotape. The little precious, moments that by the time you get the camera are over, or even if you do get the camera in time, they will stop as soon as they see it. One of those came this morning after 'Family Breakfast'. We all love the Beatles song "Hey Jude" (obviously because of our own little Judah). But Judah, loves this song. I mean how awesome is it to have a song about you? Well, this morning as family breakfast was wrapping up, I turned my ipod to the song and my little Judah man let loose. Dancing with his whole body, laughing and singing the "Na, Na, Na Naa Naa Na, Na, Na , Na Na Naaa, HEY JUD(AH), at the very top of his lungs. Awesome, I never want to foget those moments! For as much as he makes me crazy and sometimes I wish I could duct tape his mouth closed and glue his hands together.....He is such a joy and his wild personality makes his hugs the absolute squeeziest and when he gives me kisses, he really means it! I love you dude!

BTW, my husband bought me an awesome ipod dock for Christmas, that made this mornings kitchen dance party possible. Thanks Babe! I love it!