Saturday, April 16, 2011

Insanity: Day 6

Yesteday was a busy day, kids home all day, doctors appts for the boys and my brother-in-laws birthday party last night. All day long I was hoping for an hour to squeeze in my work-out, all day it never happened. We got home from the party at just a little after 11 pm, then I had to drive the babysitter home, then Judah wet the bed and I helped Mike get him into dry jammies and back in to bed.

Did I start my workout at 11:50pm last night?.................... You better believe it!

Day 6 was Plyo Cardio again. It was a mind game for me, working out at that hour after such a long day. I pushed through. I knew that I would be proud of myself today, for staying committed. I am. Today is my off day. I had really hoped to go climbing today, since Shaun T wouldn't be punishing me. I don't think it's going to happen. My arms and my legs, are pretty well spent. I think that will be the worst part of the 60 day committment for me. The amount of physicallity required to get through these workouts, is going to take away from some of the other things I love. Like climbing, or the incline, or trail running. It's only 60 days though, actually 49 now ;)

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