Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Insanity: Day 10

Today was my hardest day yet. I was unmotivated in the first place. I mean I really had to force myself to put on the sports bra and tennies and turn on the dvd player. It was Plyometric Cardio and I was tired.

Once I got into it, it was a battle for my mind. I was in my own head, the little voices were saying "it's okay to stop, you don't have to do this" Shaun T was telling me to "Dig Deeper". I had to keep telling myself to stay in it, I'll be proud of myself once it's done. More voices saying "your legs hurt too bad, just stop"

Yep, I totally have voices inside my head. They are the voices of the fat girl that lives inside me. She is always trying to escape. She's the same girl that tells me to eat ice cream at 9pm while watching grey's anatomy. I'm trying to kill her. Seriously.

I made it through. I think that I had my eyes closed for most of it. I had to stay focused, I couldn't look at the clock, I couldn't think about how bad it hurt. I just had to DO IT! In turn, I think I pushed myself harder than any other day, simply because I had to.

Honestly, that is what I love about physical challenges. The pushing through, past what feels possible, and realizing that nothing can hold you back. I have it in ME.....It's like the Gatorade commercials- "Is it in you?" Yep, it totally is in me ;)

P.S. I need to buy cushioned inserts for my shoes. The bones in my lower legs are killing me!!!!

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